Every client is unique – and at eFraud Security, we offer tailored solutions for every set of needs.
Our custom-tailored setups, adjustments and performance monitoring for each account is included in our pricing.


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All pricing plans with free setup, pay-as-you-go, no long term contracts, & include the following features:

Trusted, reliable decision engine, backed by 100% fraud guarantees

Automated Risk Rules Creator via Machine Learning and AI Algorithms

Manual verification services tools, risk gauge, itemized fraud risk factor reasons

No per-query fees for automated email verification and Credit Bureau identity checks

Fully managed services, expert setup, custom-tailored AI risk rules for your company

Credit Card Account Takeover Detection for MOTO/Mail-order Telephone Order

Customer abuse list & white lists
Managed services and account monitoring

Investigative tools and use of third-party query services at no extra cost

Information sharing network, carder detection, high-risk address detection

Device Fingerprinting technology, proxy piercing & detection

Integrated-ready, two-factor SMS authentication. *Replaces phone calls*

Exportable graph reports, YOY sales, chargebacks, declines, approvals…